Christopher Wilson - Binoculargeek.comWelcome to my website! My name is Christopher Wilson. I’m 39 years old and i’m addicted to blogging and i live in the United States. I have gained so much experience in the field of blogging in the past 6 years and i’m still going strong.

My passion is creating informative blogs. For the past 3 years, I have become more obsessed with binoculars. I have done quite some research on different types of binoculars. This has exposed me to many varieties and extensively increased my knowledge. The main idea of the website is to assist you to gain experience that will help you in choosing the right binoculars suitable for your purpose.

Every Saturday I take a jog for 3 miles and after that, I get my rifle and binoculars and together with my college we go hunting. This has been a frequent activity that I have enjoyed doing for the past year. I have been exposed to quite many types of binoculars. The viewing and the scope in the different binoculars and the clarity and crispiness have amazed me.

Being a passionate and an addict blogger, I have frequently been blogging on the various websites on binoculars. My contribution was eminent, and the review and rating have been surprising to many. It is till now that I have decided to come up with my website and share with the world the wide knowledge that I have gained in the past years.

Am a proud father and a husband. My family has been enjoying the bird spotting with my binoculars. The friends and also the family members have been contributing and following my blogs. They have found the blog informative. They usually conduct bird watching in the weekends. They try different binoculars, and it is to my joy when they use my blog as a referencing material.

I have also committed myself to provide the information on this website to the whole world. If you wish for me to review any binoculars, or you want to add more details to any content, please feel free to contact me through the contact page.


Christopher Wilson