ZoomShot Pro Review

ZoomShot Pro
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Are you planning the ZoomShot Pro monocular? Make sure to first read my ZoomShot Pro review as I have extensively tested this product.

ZoomShot Pro Review

Searching for a high-quality telephoto lens for your camera? Whether you’re looking to capture the moon’s crater, record bird’s in their natural habitat, or simply get a close-up on all the action in your son’s football game you’ll need a durable telephoto lens like ZoomShot Pro. While traditional telescopes aren’t exactly portable, the ZoomShot Pro is one of the newest telephoto lens. This telephoto lens monocular is comparable to a pair of binoculars.The only difference is that you can actually take pictures and video. It can bring objects that are far away up close and into focus. Is it really worth your hard-earned money?

Check out this ZoomShot Pro review to find out more information.

Is the ZoomShot Pro Expensive?

These nifty optic devices have garnered a reputation for being expensive. However, the ZoomShot Pro is affordable. In fact, for less than a hundred bucks you can take home the ZoomShot Pro which is one of the best quality telephoto monoculars on the market. It’s ultra-light and small enough to stash in your pocket or throw in your backpack while you are on the go. Yet it’s powerful enough to enjoy the beautiful distinct marks on nesting birds while sighting or during your next hunting adventure

Super Telephoto Lens Monocular

The great thing about the ZoomShot Pro is that it was designed to be used with your cell phone. Most of us are always looking to take cool pictures with our phones whether it’s to post them on Instagram or Facebook or keep them as mementos.

The ZoomShot Pro is the perfect accessory for taking cool cellphone pics by simply mounting your cellphone behind the monocular device. You can adjust the phone and monocular until it’s positioned just the way you want you so you can get a good view of the image for a good picture. The telescope uses an anti-shake system which when combined with the small 3D gyroscope tripod allows for a very stable setup even if you increase the magnification. If you find that the tripod is inadequate for helping to capture the best content you can always upgrade to a standard tripod thread.

The telephoto lens acts as a high zoom lens adapter for your smart-phone so you can capture pictures and videos of objects or people that are far away or aren’t exactly in your view. This lens adapter will come in handy. Of course, you can also use the ZoomShot Pro as a standalone monocular.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics and 4K Technology

Zoomshot Pro Fully multi-coated lenses are considered to be top of the line in the optics industry. The ZoomShot Pro was manufactured with a fully multi-coated lens for the best optics. This specific type of lens uses a variety of coatings to help enhance light which ultimately increases image visibility. Since multi-coated lenses can produce super clear and crisp visuals, monoculars containing fully multi-coated lenses tend to be much more expensive.

The ZoomShot Pro also uses 4K technology which makes it a worthy contender. If you didn’t know 4K technology allows you to take high-resolution pictures and videos. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Eye Relief Feature

When it comes to eye relief function ZoomShot Pro has got you covered. This function tends to get overlooked but it can affect functionality. The eye relief feature refers to the ideal distance your eye should be from the rear lens so that you can see the mage with pristine clarity. While most telephoto monoculars in this price range don’t consider this function, the ZoomShot Pro has a 14-12mm eye relief. The user can adjust this function as they see fit.

Enjoy Powerful Magnification and Decent Field of View

No doubt, the real reason you want a great monocular is for the magnification. The ZoomShot Pro was crafted with a 10X100 adjustment level which enables the user to see up to 1000 yards far. You can easily adjust the zoom lens to increase or decrease the range of vision depending on the activity you’re participating in.

Oftentimes, manufacturers sacrifice quality to give consumers a high zoom monocular. However, with the ZoomShot Pro, you can expect good craftsmanship and a high magnification level.

Speaking of powerful magnification, the field of view capabilities of a telephoto lens monocular can very well determine the clarity of the magnification. As magnification increases the field of view decreases which can affect how clear the image is. The ZoomShot Pro has a 4.1-2.1 degree field of view which is decent for a monocular with this magnification power. The 30mm lens diameter allows you to see faraway objects with good clarity.

Don’t Forget the Night Vision Capability

Review of the Zoomshot pro monocularThe night vision capability makes this monocular device highly versatile. Yes, the night vision function allows you to use the ZoomShot Pro at nighttime. The built-in nighttime feature allows you to simply turn on the device and use it like you normally would.

To increase the clarity of the nighttime vision you flip on autofocus and blur the background function. This allows you to continue observing even when it’s really dark.

ZoomShot Pro Durability

Zoomshot pro lensIf you’re looking for a telephoto lens that will give you a bang for your buck, then you should invest in an optical device that will last for the next few years. The great thing about the ZoomShot Pro is that this monocular is waterproof. Waterproofing is very important when it comes to a monocular because if water makes its way into the lense tub the device will be rendered useless. In fact, the vision output will be foggy, the pictures will be blurry and you’ll need to invest in a new monocular.

ZoomShot Pro’s is equipped with a Nitrogen-filled waterproof material that prevents moisture and other elements like dust and debris which ensures that the waterproof function is in working order.

The shockproof design makes it the ideal tool in your arsenal for a wide range of outdoor activities including; biking, hunting, mountain climbing, camping, and while on your travels.

Final Verdict of our ZoomShot Pro review

Zoom Shot Pro is definitely worth the money if you’re searching for a budget-friendly telephoto monocular that doesn’t skimp out on quality.

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